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Worldwide Licensing and Business Development for Pharmaceuticals and Other Health Care Products

The goal of our clients is to expand existing business and take advantage of new business opportunities, while concurrently minimizing risk. Our Associates have successfully grown businesses in the health care industry, providing us a skilled perspective at guiding these strategic decisions. We help you to answer:

  • What is the value of a business opportunity? Strategically? Financially?
  • What is the most viable commercialization strategy?
  • Who are good potential partners?
  • How do we set up international distribution?
  • What are the key product development and commercialization issues?
  • What should our strategy be for contract negotiations?
  • Pricing?

Cole & Associates works as part of your team, in either a primary lead role or as an adjunct to your existing group as the client wishes.

Advisory Services

  • Assist in licensing and acquisitions

    -Identify and evaluate in- and out-licensing opportunities, joint ventures, strategic
      alliances, acquisitions, and divestitures.
    -Identify and screen potential partners.
  • Represent non-US companies within North America

    -Assist in US market entry strategy.
    -Identify competitors/collaborators and barriers to entry.
  • Establish successful international distribution networks

    -Prioritize markets & select distributors
  • Establish international operations for North American companies

    -Prioritize markets & select distributors.
    -Engage partnership discussions with value added organizations.
  • Establish international operations for North American companies

Market Research to Support Product Development and Licensing Activities

Analytical Services

Having the correct and appropriate information is crucial in making business decisions. That is why, in addition to our Advisory Services for business development, we have built a solid foundation of Analytical Services to provide the proper information for making informed decisions.

Successful licensing and positioning decisions are based on a thorough understanding of markets, customers, and the competition. Cole & Associates can aid by:

  • Analyzing and assessing market opportunities in the US or worldwide.
  • Developing business or marketing plans or analyzing existing plans to help you improve them.
  • Supporting due diligence and other decision-making situations.

We have access to industry data sources and can also conduct custom primary marketing research to gather timely data. We have experience in utilizing a full range of primary research methodologies from in-depth interviews to focus groups to more complex, integrated model building.

Cole & Associates is especially well equipped to conduct or assist in primary and secondary marketing research in Japan. We have an office located in Tokyo and, as example of our expertise, our Associates researched, wrote, and edited the Japan PharmaCyclopedic, an encyclopedic book of knowledge containing more than 1,400 pages on 112 pharmaceutical companies and markets in Japan. While we no longer publish the PharmaCyclopedic, we continue to maintain our access and knowledge of the Japanese healthcare industry, its landscape and its initiatives.

Analytical & Marketing Research Services

  • Market assessments, product valuations, and marketing planning

    -Secondary data analyses
    -Forecasting and modeling
  • Primary marketing research, custom designed to client needs

    -Physician in-depth interviews
    -Focus groups and advisory panels
    -Scientific/technical reviews- competitive analysis, current and future
  • Strategic and tactical planning

    -Company strategic and business plans
    -Product commercialization plans
    -Product positioning plans, including pricing
    -Market plans
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